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Amboseli Day Safari


12 hrs

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We will start our drive early on the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway, crossing the African savannah. We’ll soon take in a luminous Kenya sunrise lighting up a countryside of homesteads and brightly outfitted Maasai herdsmen with their cattle.

Enjoy enjoy this awesome African scene as we wind our way to Amboseli Park. We will arrive at Namanga and then head for the park where the adventure begins with our first game drive. With Mt. Kilimanjaro as our background, you’ll see the herds of elephants, many sporting immense ivory tusks.

We dive more within the wilderness because the vegetation here does get sparse during the dry months, the park offers wonderful opportunities for spotting animals.

The birdlife is also abundant in Amboseli, especially around the swamp and marshlands of the park.

For even more wildlife viewing, we’ll take a ride up to Observation Hill. This vantage point will give us an overall vista of the entire park checking out the swamps below where the elephants and hippos gather daily. You can also walk about the hill as it’s one of the few places in the park you can explore on foot.

Another unique feature here is the indigenous Maasai people who live within the park’s borders.

we'll then embark on the shorter afternoon game drive after which we'll head for the highway arriving in Nairobi in the evening.

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