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One Million Years Ago


11 hrs

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"One Million Years Ago"


Hyrax Hill & Kariandusi Prehistoric Site Archaeological Day Tour


Our exciting Archaeological Tour will depart from Nairobi with a pick up at 07:00 hrs at your hotel. Our morning drive will take us through the scenic farm lands, bustling small towns and the scenic expansive Great Rift Valley.


Our first rest stop will be at the Great Rift Valley View Point which is always a perfect place to enjoy it's blissful effect and breath taking scenery. On it's background, lies Mt Longonot a dormant volcano which derives it's name from the Maasai word oloonong'ot which means mountain of many spurs or ridges.


Our first Kenya Archaeological site will be the Kariandusi Prehistoric Site which is an African Stone Age Site dating close to one million years! The site was discovered by the legendary Kenyan Paleo-anthropologist and archaeologist Louis Leakey in a 1928 expedition of the Kariandusi River Bed.


Our guided tour of this Kenya Archaeological site will pay extra attention to the following areas:

1. Kariandusi Archaeological site

2. Kariandusi Museum

3. Nature Trail


Also to be enjoyed is a demonstration of how early man made his/her hand tools!


After an informative and exciting tour of Kariandusi Prehistoric Site, we shall proceed to Hyrax Hill Prehistoric Site. The site gets its name from the hyrax which used to be found in abundance living in the rock cracks found in this area. Did you know that the Rock Hyrax is closely related to the Elephant despite their size difference?


Our guided tour of this Kenya Archaeological site will highlight the following areas:

1. Hyrax Hill Museum

2. Neolithic Site

3. Sirikwa hollows

4. Tortoise pit


Also to be enjoyed are an exciting Nature Walk and picturesque view of Lake Nakuru and it's surrounding.


After a very exciting Day Excursion, we shall depart for Nairobi with a drop off at your hotel

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